Community Partners


The Nest & Company works alongside these great local organizations/businesses.




Baby Café

Breastfeeding families can easily access the clinical lactation care and information they need to meet their own breastfeeding goals in a welcoming and non-medical environment.  The service is free to the community and operates completely through donations.  Baby Café Bakersfield meets every Tuesday and Friday morning from 10am to 1pm and Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm and is a consistent and regular source of breastfeeding care for families. 


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 Central Valley Lactation Association

      CVLA works to connect lactation professionals to enhance their ability to provide quality lactation. CVLA brings together lactation care providers who wish to share clinical information, collaborate on projects, and provide/receive professional continuing education opportunities. CVLA is an official chapter of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA) and works to support the mission of USLCA.


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California Advanced Lactation Institute

"We believe it's simple: breastfeeding education helps mothers make informed infant feeding choices.  We collect and share the most current evidence-based information about breastfeeding, and we educate healthcare professionals and the community."


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Yellow House Music Together

Our Music Together® classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. In your Music Together class, every week you’ll sing, play, dance, and jam along with your child and other families. Just by joining in the fun you can make a huge difference in your children’s music development. That’s because children learn through experimentation and the model of the grownups they love: YOU! Regardless of your music ability, before you know it you’ll be sharing movement and lyric ideas, making silly sounds, and singing along.


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YogaFitWorks was created through inspiration, love, and eagerness to provide the community with quality yoga that could be enjoyed by everyone. They offer classes that differ every week to challenge the practitioner and avoid repititon. All classes are perfect for beginners and they give modifications. Yoga benefits include helping with stress relief, flexibility and strengthening.


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MAKE Bakersfield

MAKE Bakersfield promotes individual expression through the application of artistic process. Workshops for children and teens take place in downtown Bakersfield.

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