Infant Sleep Class



If you are pregnant, you have likely already heard you will not get sleep again until your kids are 18 (if you’re lucky). If you have a newborn, you are probably wondering what you are doing wrong and if your baby will ever sleep “through the night”. If you are expecting your second or third baby, maybe you are wondering how you will manage the sleep schedules of multiple children.



This class is designed for all of you. This class approaches infant sleep questions and problems with evidence-based information and without judgement.

In this class, we cover:

  • Infant sleep cycles and how to work with them
  • Circadian rhythms and how to create an optimal sleep environment
  • How to create healthy sleep habits for infants (and beyond)
  • Tips for adult rest and sleep while caring for a newborn
  • Evidence-based soothing techniques
  • The AAP Safe Sleep Guidelines and how to create a safe sleep space
  • How to troubleshoot nap time stress
  • Infant sleep cues
  • How to identify what sleep issues are within the scope of “normal”, and when to seek clinical support