Mental Health Services

We are now offering supportive therapy and group services to anyone on the path of new parenthood. This might be during pregnancy to help you get clear on your dreams and your deepest fears, or it may be postpartum, a special but overwhelmingly challenging time.

Through the process of therapy, we can explore the following:
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Stress of being a new parent
  • Depression
  • Fears of childbirth
  • Making sense of your changing needs
  • Bolstering your deepest wants and visions
  • & More 


I am so happy introduce myself to you all. My name is Andrea and I’m a social worker and therapist with a specialized focus in perinatal mental health and a background in holistic psychotherapy. I began my social work career in New York City serving low-income older adults, and since that time I have shifted toward the more interpersonal work of psychotherapy. In my 10+ years in this wonderful field, I’ve had the privilege of helping individuals from many different walks of life move beyond their stuck points, discover more trust in themselves, and feel more at peace in their lives. I find so much joy in being a partner along my clients’ paths. I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you get to where you want to be.


About Andrea's Approach to Care

My master’s in social work training is rooted in the biopsycho-social-spiritual perspective, an approach that takes a wide lens in exploring different aspects of one’s healing journey. Factors of inherited trauma, early life experiences, and systemic oppression are all woven into the work. I generally employ psychodynamic, solution-focused, and holistic principles in sessions. This means we will bring in a bit of your early life experience in order to become more awakened to any current barriers or blocks. In doing this, we will actively work on prioritizing your well-being and empower your right to feel strong, loving boundaries. I draw from researched modalities including perinatal mental health (Postpartum Support International), mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, as well as holistic mediums such as guided visualization, grounding, narrative exploration, and journaling.


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