Postpartum Support Group

Set yourself up for long-term emotional wellness with this group specially made for postpartum mothers.

Begins February 21st and runs Wednesdays at 6pm for ten weeks

Each week you will enjoy a judgment-free space that offers support and resources intended to help you embody your highest self during your postpartum journey. This ten-week group is led by a clinical social worker with lived experience of postpartum recovery, and it is open to anyone who has birthed a baby in the last year. Our group is semi-structured, which means we will cover different themes each session with pertinent tips and wisdom, while also ensuring there is room for interactive sharing.

Motherhood, and especially new motherhood, is a profound experience of joy and peace mixed with anxiety, overwhelm, elements of loss, and isolatedness. The goal of the group is to encourage you to own your motherhood story however imperfect or challenging it may feel. It is an opportunity to take one hour in the week for deep self-care, to process your experience, and come home feeling validated, resourced, and uplifted.


We invite participants to bring their babies if no childcare is available, however we support our mothers in carving out this time for yourself, if possible.

● Vent out challenges, times you’re feeling stuck
● Process joys and any birth trauma
● What is attachment? The power of healing past attachment wounds by creating space
for vulnerability as you bond with baby
● Exercising healthy boundaries; why it’s worth it
● Leaning into the motherhood journey (using Lisa Marchiano’s book)
● How to be there for yourself right now
● Postpartum mental health and mood disorders - part 1
● Postpartum mental health - part 2
● Mindfulness and breath work
● Integration of the new you + all that you bring with you


*We must have three participants weekly in order to run the group, if we do not we will refund your purchase*


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