Storytime Yoga

Stand tall like a tree or curl up like a caterpillar! Play, balance and grow with your littles as we explore yoga and mindfulness through songs and stories.  

 Why yoga for kids?

The practice of yoga and mindfulness have enormous benefits for children, giving them life skills that can be beneficial in any situation! These include: increased focus and concentration, approaching new experiences with curiosity, using their breath to find calm, developing balance and spatial awareness, and cultivating kindness and compassion towards themselves and others. 

About the instructor

Hi! Ashley here, a native Bakersfield gal who spent the last 12 years in New York City teaching, exploring, learning, growing, living, and loving life. Came back to my hometown with husband and baby in tow to put down roots. I'm a former kindergarten teacher, turned yoga teacher, turned mama--and I'm excited to share mindfulness and yoga for kids and families with this community!