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We know that everyone's life journey is different, but you're not in this alone. We want to support you in the season that you're in. The Nest offers wellness groups to meet you where you are, provide you with resources and skills, and help you build community. 



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Hello Mom: A Postpartum Wellness Group | My Tribe: Moms group | Birth Circle







Hello Mom: A Postpartum Wellness Group


"I love my baby, but no one told me this time would be this overwhelming!"


If you have these thoughts and feelings, you are not alone! A lot of moms (and new dads) have a tough time after having a baby. One of the ways to get help is to realize you are not alone and find a safe place to address these common issues including: anxiety, depression, bonding issues, fears, worries, isolation and just figuring out who you are now!

Join us and learn to learn from each other and feel connected and heard! We want to help you balance your new role, responsibilities and relationships. We will be learning relaxation skills, positive self-talk and self-compassion.

This is a talk therapy group is designed for moms who are struggling with mood or anxiety concerns, or feelings of overwhelm, related to postpartum and the first year parenting an infant.  Group size max is about 6-8 mothers.  

Some topics we'll cover include:

  • Balancing your emotions
  • Discovering the mother you are
  • Restoring your vitality with a plan
  • Postpartum relationship plan: Staying connected after baby
  • Self- Compassion
  • Self-Care Routine

Facilitated by Janelle Goh, LCSW.  Janelle is a licensed clinical social worker with a decade of experience working with women and families during the transition into parenthood, in a hospital setting and in individual therapy. Janelle has completed coursework with PSI (Postpartum Support International) and has special training in grief and trauma.


Individual sessions: $15.00

*The cost of this wellness group may be reimbursed by your insurance. Request a super bill at the time of enrollment.



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My Tribe: Moms Group

My Tribe is our version of a mom's group where we all attempt to do one of the hardest parenting things......make mom friends.

My Tribe is a monthly drop-in style group session where we socialize and talk all things mom.

Moms of all kind are welcome.

 There is no cost to attend. Registration not required.


Check out our Event Calendar for our next meeting.


Birth Circle

The Birth Circle at The Nest is a time where we meet to celebrate and hold space for those individuals who want to share birth experiences, speak their story, listen and build community.

There is no cost to attend. 


Check out our Event Calendar for our next meeting.