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We know that everyone's life journey is different, but you're not in this alone. We want to support you in the season that you're in. The Nest offers wellness groups to meet you where you are, provide you with resources and skills, and help you build community. 



After Baby Wellness Group | Hello Mom: A Postpartum Wellness Group | My Tribe: Moms group | Birth Circle


After Baby Wellness Group

After Baby is our newest wellness group! In this six session, virtual group you'll meet weekly to connect with other postpartum individuals and help you navigate this stage of life. This group is led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Session Topics:

Session 1) Adjusting to Parenthood
Adjusting to parenthood and life with a new baby is a full-time job, where your first tasks are learning new things and dealing with change. Most Mothers experience episodes of feeling ill prepared, confused, and frustrated. This adjustment is a universal experience filled with learning new skills, adapting to a new lifestyle, creating new routines, and high energy use. It is not uncommon that at times you simply will not feel capable of the energy and focus needed. Like all transitions it can feel overwhelming, out of control, and full of fleeting doubts. Most Mothers find that the first six to eight weeks are the hardest with a new baby full of unknown challenges. Many of these adjustment challenges in the early weeks are rarely discussed or shared by friends, family or medical professionals. What helps? We know that Mothers that receive support and education during this time express higher quality of life, better health outcomes, and stronger infant/mother bonds.
This Session will discuss common adjustment challenges, effective strategies to manage them, and community support resources.
Session 2) Personal Well-Being

The transition to parenthood is an individual experience likened to taking the journey and its impact on personal wellbeing wide ranging. For some people, the experience appears smooth, and exactly what they expected. For others it is wrought with significant stress, unexpected demands, and changes pushing them past their ability to cope. They report feeling used up, resentful, and alone. As a parent we will find ourselves putting others needs first and forgetting or not finding the time to deal with our needs medically and psychologically. This aspect of parenthood lends to increasing risk of burn out and poor health outcomes. It is easy to feel that you must put your personal wellbeing and care on hold to meet the demands of being a new parent. But as the saying goes, you must first take care of yourself to care for others.

This session will discuss common emotional health issues, how to look after your personal wellbeing and strategies to address emotional health issues such as stress, sleep, exercise, and loneliness.

Session 3) Maternal Mental Health

Mental health is a tough topic full of stigma and myth. Maternal mental health refers not only to common feelings of depression, anxiousness, and stress to significant postpartum conditions. Mental health issues are a common experience for new mothers nearly 25% experience some form of mental health disorder during or after pregnancy. While feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, and dysregulation are a universal experience for mothers, recognizing when additional support is needed is key to overall safety and health. Mothers who recognize maternal mental health as a priority can put the stigma aside, slay the myths, and find real answers.

This session will discuss common maternal mental health disorders, identify symptoms, and discuss strategies for coping with mental health concerns.

We will work together in the session to answer questions, discuss signs to watch out for, and provide resources.

Session 4) Relationships, Sex, & Intimacy

Your relationship with your partner will go through a period of adjustment as with all areas of your life after during pregnancy and after birth. The impact on the quality and quantity of time that you have for yourselves and each other will change. Complex issues arise concerning body image, security, and self-esteem impacting relationship health and intimacy. Dealing with relationship adjustments require preparation, recognition, and acceptance, but in no way mean that you are no longer able to have a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship. Many of these changes will be happening to both parents, and it will take effort to maintain your connection, relationship, and sense of intimacy. Important elements of your relationship including sex life, intimacy, and needs as a couple may become clouded, difficult to understand, and shrouded in myth.

This session will discuss common experiences of couples during postpartum period, present adjustment strategies, teach partner support strategies, and unravel myths vs. truth surrounding sex/intimacy.

Session 5) Self Care

The current portrayal of self-care appears something like a sumptuous vacation on a Caribbean beach and is only available to childless single people with money to burn. This portrayal is not true self care. Self-care is intentional and mandatory behavior for the purpose of wellbeing, self-management, and health. Self-care is necessary for all people especially new mothers to maintain themselves and stand up to the changes and needs of their new baby and life. Self-care can make the difference between long term overall health of mother and baby.

 This session will present self-care as a daily intentional actions/behavior increasing quality sleep, nutrition, and meeting basic needs. The group will teach you how to take an active role in your personal self-care, create a routine/plan that works, and strategies to increase overall control and life satisfaction.

Session 6) Life as a Parent Moving Forward 

What next, How will you find and get support for all the new things you will face as a parent moving past the first 6 weeks There are wonderful resources around you from the support of your partner/family to medical/community resources. This last session will cover how to initiate conversations, intentionally build a support group, and encourage continued efforts to make time for yourself. This session will follow up on all topics covered through out the series present how to manage what you have learned in the past 5 sessions, present stories of other Mothers moving forward and taking control of their new situation and life. We will discuss further supportive resources, ongoing follow up from the group, and additional educational topics.




Hello Mom: A Postpartum Wellness Group


"I love my baby, but no one told me this time would be this overwhelming!"


If you have these thoughts and feelings, you are not alone! A lot of moms (and new dads) have a tough time after having a baby. One of the ways to get help is to realize you are not alone and find a safe place to address these common issues including: anxiety, depression, bonding issues, fears, worries, isolation and just figuring out who you are now!

Join us and learn to learn from each other and feel connected and heard! We want to help you balance your new role, responsibilities and relationships. We will be learning relaxation skills, positive self-talk and self-compassion.

This is a talk therapy group is designed for moms who are struggling with mood or anxiety concerns, or feelings of overwhelm, related to postpartum and the first year parenting an infant.  Group size max is about 6-8 mothers.  

Some topics we'll cover include:

  • Balancing your emotions
  • Discovering the mother you are
  • Restoring your vitality with a plan
  • Postpartum relationship plan: Staying connected after baby
  • Self- Compassion
  • Self-Care Routine

Facilitated by Janelle Goh, LCSW.  Janelle is a licensed clinical social worker with a decade of experience working with women and families during the transition into parenthood, in a hospital setting and in individual therapy. Janelle has completed coursework with PSI (Postpartum Support International) and has special training in grief and trauma.


Individual sessions: $15.00

*The cost of this wellness group may be reimbursed by your insurance. Request a super bill at the time of enrollment.



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My Tribe: Moms Group

My Tribe is our version of a mom's group where we all attempt to do one of the hardest parenting things......make mom friends.

My Tribe is a monthly drop-in style group session where we socialize and talk all things mom.

Moms of all kind are welcome.

 There is no cost to attend. Registration not required.


Check out our Event Calendar for our next meeting.


Birth Circle

The Birth Circle at The Nest is a time where we meet to celebrate and hold space for those individuals who want to share birth experiences, speak their story, listen and build community.

There is no cost to attend. 


Check out our Event Calendar for our next meeting.