Empowered Postpartum Workshop

October 25th from 6-8pm

Pregnancy is such a whirlwind experience in and of itself that we sometimes end up mentally unprepared for the time that comes right after birth. We hear about the sleepless nights, and if lucky, we learn about infant care, but rarely do we spell out expectations for this sensitive time and normalize common emotional experiences of new parents. In this workshop we will demystify postpartum depression and anxiety, talk about what to expect, and help you devise plans for your own empowered postpartum experience.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Lay out your postpartum dreams and expectations, getting the chance to share in a private, intimate space
  • Learn about the postpartum anxiety and depression spectrum: What they both look like (what’s normal, what’s not), contributing factors, and ways to seek out support
  • Explore ideas for enacting protective, loving boundaries with family and friends
  • Create a personal safety plan for yourself (with guidance)
  • Connect with new peers and become armed with your community resources
  • Take home a small curated gift


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