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Are you preparing to welcome a new bundle? Is breastfeeding not going the way you expected? Just need a little extra help? Preparing to transition back to work? We've got your back (and front) here at The Nest. We're staffed with some of the most awesome lactation professionals in all of Kern County (we're biased, but we're sure you'll agree). All of our lactation visits take place in our welcoming, non-medical environment where we guarantee you'll receive the care and attention you deserve.



We offer several appointment types to help you in every stage of your infant feeding journey.  


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 Prenatal Consultation - $100.00 (1.5 hours)

      This visit is a great way for you to receive personalized information on the best ways to develop a successful breastfeeding relationship from the first hour after birth. We will cover breast changes, birth choices, positioning, latch, milk transfer, normal newborn habits, and any special topics that fit your family’s needs.

       Prenatal appointments are especially useful for pregnant individuals in these situations:

  • a history of low milk supply with a previous baby
  • a history of ongoing breastfeeding pain or difficulty with a previous baby
  • a history of having given up on breastfeeding earlier than desired with a previous baby
  • a history of any breast/nipple surgery
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • insulin-dependent diabetes
  • a history of PCOS and/or female-related infertility
  • pregnancy with twins or higher multiples
  • family members and/or partners who are uncomfortable with, who are uncertain about, or who lack knowledge about breastfeeding
  • and any other medical issues where a mother will be on maintenance medication during lactation

 Initial Consultation - $175.00 (In-Office) / $225.00 (Home) 

            This visit usually lasts about one hour and includes a thorough history, observation and assessment of nursing session, a weight check, a customized care plan, a report to your health care provider(s), and access via text or email for two weeks following the initial visit (please refer to our “Ongoing Support” policy).

 Follow-Up Consultation - $75.00 (In-Office) / $130.00 (Home)

           This visit usually lasts about 30-45 mins and includes a reassessment of feeding and adjustments to the care plan, if necessary, and a weight check.

 Back-to-Work Consultation - $100.00 (1.5 hours)

            This visit is aimed at those who work outside of the home. We will discuss how to prepare for your return to work, customize a plan of action, and assist with the set-up of your breast pump. (This visit does not include an assessment of nursing or breastfeeding assistance.)


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