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A perfect gift is the marriage between something that is practical and thoughtful. As a postpartum doula, I have helped dozens of families sort through the wreckage of baby shower gifts. Here is what you can find here at The Nest.



Why shop at The Nest & Co.?

Our small business includes a boutique storefront and online store with thoughtful and practical products for life with an infant and toddler.
Whether you are a first-time parent looking for items to add to your registry, or you are shopping for someone in your life that is having a baby, our inventory covers your basic needs with items that are beautiful and meant to last.
Let’s take a look at the items that all new parents need. You can also add our products to your registry via Babylist


You need a safe place for your baby to sleep during the day and night. Your every day normal changes daily with a newborn. Here are some options that babies will enjoy.

Swaddles – We carry high quality swaddles ranging from $15.99-$25. Infants use swaddles until they are physically able to turn over on their own. Buying someone a swaddle for their baby helps parents soothe their baby during the day, and gets them some extra shut eye (swaddles help mimic the womb
environment for babies, which encourages more sound sleep).

How do I choose which swaddle to buy? It is easiest to pick a swaddle based on the style and design you think best suits the parents’ taste. You can always ask if they have a theme for the nursery or other baby products to make sure your gift fits right in with the rest of their baby items.

Dock-A-Tot – We carry this widely-loved item along with various styles of covers to suit different aesthetic tastes. Infants need somewhere safe and comfortable to nap during the day – changing baby’s sleep environment for day time sleep makes nap time easier as your child grows. Parents can keep their baby close with a Dock-A-Tot because it can go anywhere in the house the parent does.

Crib Sheets – If you know that this new baby will eventually be sleeping in a crib, buying crib sheets will save parents time and energy. Infants notoriously soil sheets at the most inconvenient times (right after you have changed the sheets, or in the dead of night). Give parents the gift of laundry peace of mind.

Infant Nursing and Feeding
Nursing and feeding accessories are where The Nest & Co. shine. We carry a variety of items to support nursing and feeding that are not found in your average baby aisle. Newborns and infants do not need much when it comes to feeding, especially if they nurse. The nursing parent is in need of far more items when it comes to feeding. Because parents are often not the focus of
baby shower buying, they usually buy these items for themselves; you will be a stand-out baby shower guest if you gift these items.

Bibs and Aprons – Infants do not typically start eating solid food until around six months of age (until they have head and neck control and can sit up in a chair). We carry bibs and aprons for babies six months or older, ranging from $14-$20. We also have a wide selection of feeding accessories, like plates and utensils.

Burp Cloths – Whether baby is nursing or bottle feeding, burp cloths are a must. Infants spill lots of milk out of their mouths when they eat, and all of them will spit up at some point. Parents need a plethora of cloths to clean up messes throughout the day – good thing we carry a three pack! These burp cloths are Muslin – organic material, soft, absorbent, and can withstand lots of turns in the laundry machine. This is the ultimate practical + thoughtful gift.

Nipple Butter – There is currently no proven solution for sore nipples in the first two weeks of nursing,
but nipple butters and creams can provide temporary relief. (If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, schedule an appointment time at our Lactation Lounge for a consult). This simple gift will be one that they will thank you for later, as you gave them something ahead of time to support their nursing journey.

Booby Tubes – These gel-free packs are designed to fit the shape of a breast, for both comfort (thoughtful) and a better fit (practical). Whether the parent you buy them for nurses or not, these will be useful. In the first few weeks after birth, there will be breast discomfort as the milk supply changes. This product will help whether someone is weaning or feeding.

Nursing Pads – Another useful product whether parents are nursing or not. (In fact, these can be useful in the last few weeks of pregnancy!). All birthing parents will experience milk leaking at some point in their journey. Washable nursing pads are a more environmentally-friendly choice, and they are often more comfortable on the skin. We carry disposable pads as well, which are convenient for on-the-go. These will be used every day, so you cannot go wrong with buying at least one pack.

Micro-Steam Bags – These convenient bags help sanitize any of your feeding accessories – from bottles to breast pump parts. As a postpartum doula, these little white and yellow bags are my inanimate assistants. Gifting a couple of packages of these will keep parents supplied for weeks (each bag can be
reused twenty times). Be sure the parents you are buying them for have a microwave!

Breastmilk Bags – For parents that are nursing and pumping, these are a must. If you know the parent you are buying for intends to go back to work outside of the home again, they will appreciate the thought you put in to their gift in supporting them through that transition. Pumping and storing milk
allows the nursing parent some free time – they can leave baby with another care giver and get a much- deserved break. Parents can not get enough of these, so don’t be shy…grab a couple of packs.

Nipple Shields – Nipple shields, like nipple creams and butters, can offer temporary relief to the nursing parent when they experience pain or discomfort. They are an under-utilized tool in the first few weeks of feeding. Giving a parent this item adds to their arsenal of nursing tools (they can pack these in their
hospital bag or have them ready for immediately after birth). Lactation professionals can help assist parents with these, and sometimes suggest them as part of a feeding plan. Gifting these to a parent lets them know that you have done your research, and that you care about their wellbeing.

Hand Pump – Another underdog among nursing accessories, the manual breast pump is a wonderful item to gift. As a doula, I have showed countless parents how to use a Hakkaa pump, and many have been so grateful to have this accessory as a part of their feeding journey.

Leaving the House

The quarantine period of the COVID19 global pandemic is not all that unlike the first few weeks with a newborn. You have to be cautious about germs and illness, there aren’t many places to go, and trips out and about are not very long.

Leaving the house with a newborn and infant is one of the first spheres of life in which a parent easily realizes how much their life has changed. When it only took five minutes to pack up and leave the house before, it now takes 20 minutes to an hour. If you are buying gifts for a family in the hopes of seeing them for brunch again soon, we have got you covered.

Diaper Bag – We carry well-designed diaper bags ranging from $70 - $220. Browse our selection to see which styles and features suit the pregnant person best. Most families appreciate a diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag, has a gender-neutral design, and one with a labyrinth of separate pockets for
all of the items it has to carry.

What about what goes in a diaper bag?
Diaper cream – Every parent needs diaper cream for at home and on-the-go. We carry two different brands of diaper cream, and both are great for diaper changes when you are out and about.

Teether – I am not sure what the science says about the effectiveness of teethers for pain relief, but it does not matter - most parents use teethers as a buffer to keep their infant from chewing the table

while out to eat more than any other reason. These make a cute add-on gift, and they are enjoyed by babies and a perk for parents.

Baby Carrier – Baby carriers are not only a practical way to get around with your baby, but they are an ergonomically and developmentally appropriate alternative to other modes of infant transportation (like carrying a baby in a car seat, or hauling around a stroller). At The Nest &Co., we carry a couple of
different types of Moby wraps, which is a brand of wraps suited for beginners and seasoned baby wearers.

Wearing an infant increases oxytocin for the parent and the infant, resulting in babies who are carried more often crying less, and has a myriad of benefits for parent and child. Gifting someone a baby wrap is an investment in the family’s overall happiness – and you will be much more likely to catch a glimpse of
your loved one and their baby out and about in the first few months after birth with one of these on hand! If the person you’re buying for lists a certain style (like a ring sling, or a wrap carrier for example), always buy the style they prefer. If you are creating your own registry, a wrap carrier is the most versatile of the
wrap styles for infants. 

Bath Time

Baby Bath – Parents get anxious about bath time because newborns are slippery and small, and need a lot of help in the water. A bath insert for babies makes this parental responsibility simpler. Parents can
use these in the kitchen sink, bath, shower, or floor – giving parents lots of options in their living space. What would make giving this gift extra special? Offering to come over and help parents with bath time!

Soap, Lotion & Oil – You have likely combined your intuition with your research and know that gentle, simple-ingredient body products are the way to go for babies. We carry soaps, lotions, and oils designed for babies with organic ingredients. Putting baby massage oil or lotion on your registry list or buying it
for someone else is a wonderful way to support the health of baby, and the bond between parent and baby. Bath time is a great time for bonding between parent and child – there is lots of verbal and non- verbal communication, as well as oxytocin flowing. Baby massage can reduce crying and fussiness,
improve sleep, and relieve constipation. Combine a gift of baby lotion with one of our Infant Massage Classes to really knock your gift out of the park.

Washcloths – Can I let you in on a bath time secret from a postpartum doula? Use washcloths or towels to cover your baby while they are in the tub. This keeps baby warmer and more comfortable while in the water. Just untuck the body part you are cleaning, and put it back under the towel when you’re done.
The key here is soft, absorbent towels that feel good on the skin. Like our burp cloths, we carry organic cotton muslin washcloths.

Hair and Nail Care – Some babies experience dry skin on the scalp known as cradle cap. You can Google remedies for it, or consult with your pediatrician. Most suggestion include a gentle brushing of the scalp.
We carry a natural wood baby brush set to take care of baby’s scalp. We also carry baby nail clippers (mostly to keep parents safe from the razor sharp, ever-growing nails of newborns). A bath time basket is a visually appealing and sweet gift for any parent.

For the Parents

Our website has a wonderful item selection (The Shop  Postpartum) of items specifically for parents. Preparing a gift basket of items to make them feel loved and cared for reminds them that they are experiencing a profound and exciting life change, and deserve support through it. If you are adding these items to your registry for yourself, keep in mind the ways you usually care for yourself during stressful or tender seasons of your life while selecting products. Adding items for parents in your baby shower gift will have a large, positive impact on their early parenting days. Bath items (soaks, candles, lotions, soaps) are a sure fire way to encourage parents to take time for themselves.

New Parent Classes

Another way to support yourself or another person through a new and challenging season of life is to provide them with resources and information.

At The Nest & Co., we currently offer 12 classes for new parents. From Baby & Me Yoga to Infant Sleep, our classes cover the worries and new skills parents experience and have to learn on the job. Purchasing classes ahead of time takes away the stress of trying to find the resources in the moment, in the blur of
the first weeks with a newborn. Check our website for the list of classes, scheduling, payment, and gift cards. 


Post Written by: Mary Killeen Pena

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