Mealtimes With EzPz

I have two insanely messy boys and had just about given up on having somewhat "clean" mealtimes. See, my kids have mastered the skill of throwing their plates when they are done eating, tossing cups off the high chair tray, and flinging eating utensils across the room. All as a sign that they have completed a meal. My first was a true master at this. So, when we had our second I really wanted to prevent these habits that cause a cranky mom before they started. 

mealtimes with ezpz

My sweet cousin recommended the EzPz Happy Mat to help prevent all of the throwing. The Happy Mat suctions to the table or highchair tray so the baby cannot pick up the plate of the beautifully prepared meal you toiled over and ruin the meal before you even get to sit down. The EzPz brand also has these utensils that are adorable but also ergonomically designed for your baby. They are designed with these little bumps that are used to work your baby’s mouth. They help your baby learn how far to put the fork or spoon in their mouth and they are an appropriate length so your little one won’t insert it too far. 

Along with the Happy Mat & Utensils, EzPz has the Mini Cup to help baby learn how to transition from a bottle to an open cup.

I am happy to report that my kitchen floor is a little less messy, the high chair has a little less food hanging out in the crevices, and our youngest is learning to eat in both a developmentally appropriate way as well as in a way that meets our expectations for manners at the dinner table.


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