Making Toddler Mealtimes Easier

I'm sure as parents we all can agree, that mealtimes with toddlers and young children can sometimes be a struggle. Today's post is all about making mealtimes easier and more enjoyable with a few tips & tricks and products we love!

Making toddler mealtime easier


Tip #1: Let children be independent with their eating. Cut the food so that they can easily pick up the food and feed themselves, or use easy to hold utensils. 

Helpful product:

Try using utensils like these ones from Grabease - they make meal times easier because young toddlers can easily hold them and use them on their own. 

Tip #2: Try making smoothies if your child is in the "no" phase of eating veggies. You can pack them full of healthy goodness, all while they have no idea how healthy it really is. 

Helpful product: 

These cups from GoSili are perfect for smoothies, but not only that - they also use a universal silicone lids that can be used on any cup you already own! 

Tip #3: I think we've all had the traumatizing moment where your child throws the plate of food you just made on the floor. It's one of those stages where throwing food becomes fun for the child...but for the parent, not so much. Try using a silicone suction mat or bowl.

Helpful product: 

EzPz makes awesome Happy Mats that stick to your table. No more dishes being thrown around, it's a win-win. You can also take them to restaurants to make mealtimes out and about easier! 

Try to remember that mealtimes with children will always change. Sometimes you'll have the best eater, and others they might just be in a picky phase. Keep introducing and consistently exposing them to foods they might not like yet, such as veggies. It has been proven that exposure is key. Sometimes it can take up to 40 times for a child to actually eat a food they are exposed to!


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