Packing Your Hospital Bag

I remember around 35 weeks of pregnancy, scrolling Pinterest - thinking "wow, I should probably get my hospital bag together." As a first time mom I definitely over-packed. There were things I wish I had, and some things I didn't even touch! Here is a list of everything I had that was used, and things I wished I had!

Feel free to print the list below and check things off as you go.   



Don't forget! You can shop some of our must haves for your hospital bag / diaper bag, right here at The Nest!

Some of our favorites here at The Nest:


GroVia Wetbag

Covered Goods Car-Seat Cover

Earth Mama Sitz Bath 

Earth Mama A Little Something Kits 

Mother Mother Magic Underwear


Nipple Butter

Reusable Nursing Pads

Nursing Bra

Peri Bottle





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