Postpartum Doulas



Nicole Sanches

DONA Student Postpartum Doula

Hello! My name is Nicole Sanches and I am a postpartum Doula working on my DONA certification along with my birth certification in the upcoming months. For more than five years I’ve worked in maternal mother baby care in labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum, along with 15 years of service as a certified nurses assistant. My inspiration for becoming a Doula comes from a deep love from working in the labor and delivery unit. Being involved in such a special moment in the lives of many families with such a beautiful feeling to experience. I never realized how true the common expression is, “it takes a village to raise a baby “ was until having my own baby. The help of my husband (whom I call my postpartum Doula) has really opened my eyes to see how much help mothers and their families truly need when they go home. I am also a Lactation Counselor and CPR certified. I would love to be the one to guide and support you and your family in this beautiful baby journey.