Motherlove Pregnancy Bundle

Motherlove Pregnancy Bundle

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Bundle and save for support through every trimester. 

Morning sickness Blend: 

morning sickness Blend is an herbal supplement to soothe and provide relief during pregnancy. the blend was formulated especially for pregnant moms experiencing morning sickness. 

Morning Sickness Blend provides herbal support for:

  • Soothing nausea
  • Easing indigestion
  • Use during pregnancy or anytime

Pregnant Belly Salve:

Pregnant Belly Salve is a moisturizing balm with organic herbs to nourish and soothe stretching skin.

Pregnant Belly Salve is perfect to:

  • Help prevent stretch marks
  • Soothe itchy, growing belly
  • Use on breasts & hips, too

Motherlove is a Certified Women-Owned B Corp that not only empowers new moms, but also Mother Earth, through our sustainable practices.